1. A

    "For Sale" 2 Restored Vintage Boat motors!! They Run!!

    I have 2 vintage boat motors in perfect condition. They have been refurbished with the use of the original parts. The original parts have all been refurbished. The motors have been repainted to match the original color. Motor 1: 1942 Sears Waterwitch (3.5 hp) Motor 2: 1949 Wizard (6hp)...
  2. N

    Inflatable floating raft platform

    We have several inflatable platforms to sell or to rent. We are located in the greater Fort Lauderdale area. Their great for work or recreational use. Serious replies only please!! :thumb:
  3. Clyde boat ?

    Clyde boat ?

    I think this is a Clyde boat. THere is a tag with the no. pp-736 on the keel .Maybe someone knows.
  4. Clyde boat ?

    Clyde boat ?

    I think this is a Clyde boat. THere is a tag with the no. pp-736 on the keel .Maybe someone knows.
  5. Clyde boat ?

    Clyde boat ?

    I think this is a Clyde boat. THere is a tag with the no. pp-736 on the keel .Maybe someone knows.
  6. H

    Old PolarKraft cant find model # or any info

    Trying to find out the model # of this old 16' PolarKraft Flat Jon.The title says it is a 1971 but the number stamped into the transom is 23872,from what I have read the 72 indicates 1972?Ialso read that HID's were not used until Nov.1972 or at least thats when it was manditory.Been trying to...
  7. Chris

    2011 Toronto International Boat Show Coverage

    Direct Energy Center - Toronto, Ontario - January 16, 2011 Today marked the day when we take our annual trip to the Toronto International Boat Show. :) The weather was quite cold with the temperatures hovering around -12 Celsius and with the windchill supposedly it felt like -20 Celsius - at...
  8. Chris

    Approaching 1000 Total Members Mark!

    Hi Gang, We're quickly approaching a little milestone - that being we're very close to signing up our 1000th member. I would think we're only a few days or so away now. I'd like to thank everyone for taking the plunge, joining up and participating in building our community. With your...
  9. T

    Trailer hitch accessory

    Hi everyone, We were doing a new project and we were after some feedback. If this complete part was made of one piece cast aluminum (except for the prop) would anyone be interested. Being that it cost more to do cast than it would plastic, how much would someone pay for a unit? This would be...
  10. R

    New Key Hopper Forum

    Well, thanks to Chris, we now have a new Key Hopper Forum page... I will watch to see who chims in, if you do, please let us know what year boat, what motor your running etc....If you have had alot of Key Hoppers love to hear that also.
  11. Chris

    1970 Larson Brochure

    Here's the next Larson Brochure up, the 1970 edition. Thanks once again to Dale for taking the time to scan these for everyone. Here's the front cover. :)
  12. Chris

    Humber Jewel Pics!

    I took these a few years back at the 2008 Toronto International Boat Show. Thought I'd share these in this dedicated thread, in case their are others who have a Humber Jewel or are interested in them. :) -Chris
  13. Chris

    Cigarette Racing Increases Workforce

    Here's a good news story for a change - Cigarette Racing has announced that it has recently increased it's workforce by 19 employees. The additional employees were a combination of recalled laid-off workers, as well as some new hires. Cigarette apparantly also plans to double the size of...
  14. Chris

    1975 Vintage Grew Brochure

    Here are some scans from a vintage 1975 Grew Brochure that I have. :thumb: Hope you enjoy! :) Here is the cover page. -Chris
  15. Chris

    Boat Crash!

    I'll let you watch the video and figure out what happened. :yikes: -Chris
  16. L

    Let's get this Sea Nymph board going!

    Hi fellow Sea Nymph boat owners,...I know we have got to have some out there. Though I am still new to the site,I suggested such a board be started because I did not see one on here when I joined the site. So,...what do you say we get this board going?:thumb::thumb:. I now own a '73 Sea Nymph...
  17. Chris

    Boating Related Ethanol Lawsuit Moves Forward

    A Florida lawsuit which was filed against six oil companies alleges negligence for failing to warn boat owners of potential harm from ethanol-blended gasoline, is moving forward. The defendants in the case had made a motion to dismiss the case, but that case has survived the motion. Here's a...
  18. A

    James Bond 007 Glastron GT150 Restoration Check out my project! Comments welcome
  19. S

    how much would a '72 chrysler conqurer be worth?

    i have a 16' 1972 chrysler shallow vee conqurer that i re-did the transom and the floor on and i put new foam in it. i redid the whole interior. i have no idea how much it would be worth because there arent very of them around anymore, and if i find one it was in the same condition the one i...
  20. Chris

    Bruce's Four Winns U-17

    Here are some pics of our member Bruce's Four Winns U-17. :thumb: Enjoy! :)