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I am in the process of up grading the stereo in my boat.

It looks like I am going to be able to use 4-8" KICKER speakers,and a 10" KICKER sub.

ALL of the KICKER speakers have the lights in them, controlled/adjustable by a remote.

ALSO, a 300 watt amp.

One of the existing speaker holes, may eliminate me from using 4-8" speakers. May have to go to 6". Unknown at this time.

The interior of my boat is all white.
(The floor, and the side walls, anyhow).

Am debating to possibly have a shop paint the grills, to match the red stripe on my boat. Just don't knowif the red would detract from the colors.





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Sounds like it will be great.
None of my boats have sound systems.... but, I'd like to find a marine unit I can mount out of eyesight (with a remote) where I could hook into my iPod .

Sadly, I'm just not that much of an audiophile to do the research......

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Well, I stayed with the 6" speakers, and had 4 put in.

They have the LED lights in them, and I bought the remote to operate them.

My next move, (hopefully this next week), is to have the 10" sub, and the 300 watt WET SOUNDS brand amp installed.

I already have a new blue top OPTIMA battery, just for the stereo.When I get that done, I will be looking for a updated stereo unit/head, and a remote for the rear of the boat to control the stereo from the water.

ALSO, my factory horn didn't work, so I found one on Amazon. I got it, on Tuesday, installed it, and all is good !!!

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Tomorrow, the amp, and the sub gets installed.

The next move will be a new head unit, and a remote for the rear of the boat !!!! :thumb:

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Stereo amp, and sub installed !!

Works well.

NOW, to decide on what head unit I want, and a remote for the rear of the boat.

I put a OPTIMA battery in, just for the stereo.

I'm kinda nervous to find out how much $ I've got invested, so far !!

Hopefully, I will get some pics soon to show the installation off.

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I had to have a "kill switch" put in today, to ensure that there was no draw going on, when I shut it off.

I came o ut a couple of days ago to a dead battery.


How's this project coming?
I've not visited this forum for a while, so it was cool to see this post.
I recently did a complete upgrade to the system in my Baja that turned out really well.

Did you end up painting the speaker grilles?

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No, I did not paint the grills. I quit my part time job, and for what they wanted to charge me, I decided to wait for a while.

I need to get some pics of the boat, but I took on a remodel project, (like an idiot), and just haven't done it, BUT, I promise I will :sssh: