Raymarine A50


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I was lucky enough to get a new Raymarine A50 chartplotter for Christmas, I haven't mounted it yet, but, have tried the "demonstration" feature and it seems like a good overall unit.

I notice there is a A50 "D" model which includes sonar/depth options, I was wondering if its possible to "add" that to my existing A50 using the Sea Talk or NMEA connections? Or would I need to purchase the A50D unit complete?

I already have a stand alone style Livorsi depth sounder, but, if I can add sonar to my A50 without spending a fortune I would love to do it.

Thanks in advance for any/all info!



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looking at their website and brochure to have the fish finder feature you have to have the d model. I wonder that if you pull the cap for the sonar if there is even any pins in it.

here is an answer from their website

If I buy a non “D” A series model, can I upgrade later to add a fishfinder?
It is not possible to upgrade the hardware of a new A-Series Chartplotter to permit it to additionally function as a fishfinder. Adding fishfinder capability within the same footprint would require that the A-Series Chartplotter be replaced with an A-Series Chartplotter/Fishfinder.


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Thanks Nathan!

I was afraid that was gonna be the answer, but, at least I know now, wish I had specified that I wanted the model with the Sonar, but, its only a 24ft boat and I have a sounder, so, I should be fine.

I had a quick look at the back of the plotter, there is only a "pwr" connection, and a connection for the "sea talk" cable, so, I wondered if I could use the sea talk cable for sonar, but, I guess not. Still seems like a good little unit. Its replacing the old Garmin GSP 210 that came with the boat, Heck, its Black and White!!

Thanks again!