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    Stereo update

    sounds like a good system
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    Geeeeeeeez, it must be fall

    sounds like a fun project
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    It's May, right?

    been raining a lot down here
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    It Must be February

    its nice down here. but between family and race cars I have been booked.
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    Dash Cams

    I don't have one but I do know many people that use go pros for both. they have many different mounts for different applications.
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    hoping for a fun and safe Christmas and new year to all!!
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    Geeeeeeeez, it must be fall

    I will keep an eye out.
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    Geeeeeeeez, it must be fall

    I think you should go with a Formula Jr. :rof: good luck on your decision.
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    Geeeeeeeez, it must be fall

    sounds like you have a busy winter. I am waiting to hear when we are starting on the car so I am in a holding pattern right now. but I have had time to do some things around the house.
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    Prop Selection for performance

    a four blade could help. every boat is different. last trim hole with the motor trimmed in or up? a smaller pitch would give more rpm but maybe not a faster speed. your trim will change with prop as well. there are a few places that allow you to try a prop before purchasing them. good luck...
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    Boat's out!

    sounds like a fun day.
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    Putting my boat search on hold

    Well I have decided to put my personal boat ownership on hold. I will still boat and help on my Parent's pontoon (which is finally done) but will not look for a boat for me for a while. The reason for this decision is that I was given an opportunity to return to my first love Dirt track Racing...
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    Blast from the Past

    nice boat!!
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    that's what it is all about!!
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    :welcome: nice little boat. there is nothing like being on the water running around or sitting and fishing!!