What Force 10 Winds and Rough Seas Look Like


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Know whatcha mean Nathan. Imagine being inside. If you're not the cap focusing on every wave, imagine the crew and passengers with no horizon, green in the gills. I've seen it. You?


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I have not. I am about four hours from the gulf coast so I dont get out on salt water offend. just dont have the time.

JT Patroni

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Rode out 3 hurricanes in the N. Atlantic while in the USCG. Somewhere I
have a picture of the 5" gun on the bow completely submerged and the top of the gun was over 25' above the water line. It was a bit difficult trying to get sleep when not on watch. Many of the crew met Ralph.
Somehow I was fortunate not to get sick. I must have been brain dead.


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Ralph never has to do watch, he's always down below, wretched fellow. I've seen him, but never met him. He likes to hang around the galley a lot and make an appearance when the seas are rough! :irked: