Welcome retroboats


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Welcome to endlessboating. I've seen your username around the boards. Glad you could join us here. I'd love to here more about retroboats. Maybe Chris will give you a deal on becoming a supporting vendor. Anyway, I'd love to hear more about your boats.



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I still trying to figure my way around this site ha (not sure where things are or how they work but I'm getting there!)

Anyhow I'm interested in the supporting vendor, please let me know whats involved

PS, My web site will be changing drasrtically as the first boat (in teal!) is coming off. I will add postings when I hit the mile stones of it's assembly



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Sean contacted me before he posted about his project.

I gave him the go ahead to pimp his place. Encouraged him actually. ;)

I kinda figured a few of you might be interested in his retro-tron project?

Can you think of anyone who that might apply to Coop?

Anyhoo, I'll bug Sean about becoming a vendor down the road when he starts selling some boats and when we have a larger audience for him to advertise to. ;) :thumb:


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How many guesses do I get?