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There will be pics coming soon, of the truck I bought for my wife. It's a Platnum tri-coat white 2010 F-150 Lariat.

The other truck is a 2002 King Ranch F-150 that was hers, and is NOW my work truck, and boat hauler.

Thanx, Chris for all your help !!!!!

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Thanx, for viewing the pics of the truck. It is an awesome truck in my opinion.

I am presently driving the 2002 F-150 King Ranch that was my wifes. The new one just seems to have more room, especially in the back seat. It seems wider inside, and the "creature comforts" are upgraded alot from the 2002.

It has a 6 speed trans., same engine, as the 2002, a 5.4 (I'm not sold on the Eco Boost yet, seems it has too many problems), Line-X, "aftermarket back up sensors", power sliding rear heated glass, the telephone button on the wheel, (I don't know what they call it for sure), and heat and A/C seats. Probably alot tha I have missed/forgotten.

We weren't sure about the gas fill neck, as there is NO CAP on it. SO, I bought a gas cap "plug" to help keep dirt out.

We had mudflaps put on, a "chrome" bug shield, and "chrome" vent visors.

So, NOW all we have to do, is PAY FOR IT !!! LOL

Thanx, Chris for posting these pics. As you know my skills/patience level is bad for that kind of thing.


That's a sweet truck, for sure! Ya gotta love those Platinums, they have all the bells and whistles one could ask for.

Isn't Ford's 'capless' fuel tank a bit weird to get used to? Now I find it odd to have to take a cap off on my other cars, lol!

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Yeah, that "capless" fuel fill is definately different.

ALSO, so is:

1) NO HEET in the fuel
2) No injector cleaner in the system
3) 7,500 miles BETWEEN oil changes. (According to the book). We have talked about it, and think that is just wrong In Our Opinion

I picked the King Ranch out for my wife in 2003. (It's a 2002). I've ALWAYS liked that truck.

Kinda fancy for a work truck though !!!!