TEAMBAJA's new Baja project.


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A Blast. I'll let him tell you more about it.



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Thanks for posting this up Coop.

I'm looking forward to watching things progress. :)

It should be done just in time for spring. :thumb:



Wasnt really looking for another project, just seen it on craigslist and asked if he was interested in trading for one of my 4 wheelers. After several emails, I met him in Bowling Green, Ohio (he came down from Ann Arbor).

The boat has been sitting a couple years. The upholstery was in bad shape, but there isnt much on this boat. The motor lid had the typical damage on the back. People forget to latch it correctly and it blows open, damaging the gel and glass. I sent the lid to Lakeway to be repaired. I sent the upholstery with the guys at XT Innovations to be restored making one color change. (Was Red, white and yellow.........will replace the yellow vinyl with carbon fiber).

The rubrail insert is yellow and I'll be replacing that with red insert. The yellow is so dirty even acetone wont cut it.

Next will be some red cup holders.

In the meantime, alot of buffing and rubbing. So far its coming out nice. I will put some new BAJA logos on the sides as well. Those are the main things I'll have done before putting it in the water. Im sure a stereo system will have to be installed. And would you believe there are NO cleats on this boat?


Unfortunately, it only has the Sportjet 90 in it so it wont exactly be a speed demon. It'll spend more time at the beach than on plane though.