Should be that time of year

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But summer forgot us this year, good thing I got vids to get me through, some plus temps outside sure would be nice.

Here's one heading for lunch last year.

One from my buddy's Hydrostream of us

Running downtown Saskatoon

Just cruising fathers day last year, the pontoon we pass at the 4:30 mark is the father in law.

The maiden voyage on Dad's boat last year after hauling it home from Wisconsin.

And one of me and the boy at the lake last Sunday, we should have some open water by now...

Pic of the boat in the snow bank below as it sits today :brickwall:


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john lamon

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Woo hoo a new record, lol.

It’s a historic day in Saskatoon – just not the kind of history most people would prefer to be making.

When the temperature dipped to -15 C from 4-7 a.m. on Tuesday, it equaled a 120-year-old record. The only April 9 on which Saskatoon was as cold as Tuesday came in 1893.

The average high for Saskatoon in April is 4.4C.

Regina is also setting unwanted weather records this week. According to Environment Canada’s senior climatologist David Phillips, Regina’s temperature at 3 a.m. was -18.7C, easily breaking the old record of -15.6C for April 9. That mark was set back in 1948. By 5 a.m. on Tuesday, the temperature in Regina dipped further, to -20.5C.

john lamon

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Huge snow storm in the Dakota's this week and supposed to hit here by the weekend, so I decided to not run to Iowa for trailers this week, cancelled my load today and and making the best of it, heading to the lake tomorrow with the boy to do some quading and haul a summer's worth of wood to the cabin, if I can't boat splitting wood and drinking beer is a close second. :)


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sorry John but I have to do this :surf::p


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Nathan you suck :mad: lol

Well made it to the lake this morning.

Drove by Dad's place, little snow yet


ZT lift


Here if you look close you can see the outline of my 14' Lund between these two lifts


Road behind Dad's place, looks like they gave up keeping it open


I normally come up here and get wood in May when it's nice out, since I was forced to take vacation now I figured I better do it now anyway, lucked out too, they had lots of trim ends at the sawmill, love this stuff, burns good and no mess with bark bringing it inside for the wood stove, most of it goes in the fire pit anyway but I'll be saving some of this stuff for next winter inside.



Exciting stuff, lol, I actually really enjoy getting wood, usually have to split it but this time was easy, ready for summer if it ever comes.


I probably got at least two trailer loads buried under the fresh stuff I just got.


Dang gotta go, Duck Dynasty is on

Here's one more, this is where we hang our hats when the weather is too bad to be outside, I bought it 12 years ago already, best 15k I ever spent, don't mind the mess, the women aren't here, lol.



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those are great pictures. if it makes you fell better it was almost 80 this weekend but today we went back to the upper 30s.