Sadly another loss


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When I dropped my Greavette at the techs shop this past week I learned that yet another Greavette Sunflash IV had just been broken up.

She had already changed her original 250cid IL6 powerplant for a 4.3 V6/alpha combo...this proved her downfall as the new owner had bought her just for the power/drive and had no interest in saving the wood boat.

They used a chainsaw to rip through her african mahogony deck for easier access during the motor extraction. The windshield and some hardware was scavenged but at the end of the day there was really nothing left.

It's sad that it requires more capital to restore than these boats can command in the marketplace. I suppose now that there's one less, my boat get's marginally more rare and should increase in value.


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it is always sad to any older wooden boat be cut up. there are some fiberglass boats that can be cut up even if they are in perfect condition (bayliners come to mind).