Ribcraft 9.0

This is the crown jewl of the ribcraft line. This paticular boat here is the boat I mentioned before in the last thread. Everything is finished except for the tube which is to be installed this week. I've become very attached to this boat and am going to be sad to see it go. This has basically been my own build from start to finish. Ive learned so much on this build, and not to brag but Ive also recieved a promotion because of the work Ive done on this boat. Im studying to take the ABYC electrical test which ribcraft is paying for so im psyched. We've also got 6 more 9.0's lined up this year.:thumb: Anyways I dont mean to bore you so here's some photos of the build. Ill be posting some more soon.


Looking down in the front hatch. Here are some custom speaker covers I made.;)

A look at the counsel

A look inside the counsel



Here is my assistant Giovanni:cheers:Great guy

Clean rigging. There is a rigging hose inside so you dont see any wires. BTW that's a subwoofer on the left;)

Walter prepping for tubing.


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Awesome build pics! Keep 'em coming. :)

You should load them up in the gallery too.

Let me know if you want to put together a special category.

I gather the hull is glass?

Are you involved doing the layup and glass work as well?

No Im not involved in the actual lamination, because we get our hulls from a few diffrent sub-contractors. The 9.0's are built in maine. the smaller boats are built in Rhode Island. All of the hulls are hand laid, w/ balsa core decks and the transom and knees are closed cell penski board. The knees are attached to the stringers which I beleive are also penski board. The quality of the hulls/gelcoat is second to none. Very tough boats that live a demanding life.
Right now I do alot of custom lamination and gelcoat work for them when needed, (like speaker covers, inhouse repairs, tow post braces etc) but mostly I rig and install the engines, Install everything you see on the boat in terms of hardware, instraments, T-tops, hatches counsels, seats etc. Im more or less an electricial aprentice right now as well, as im being trained to become head electrition. Im psyched about that because that is one thing I never really learned on my own, but Ive been studying like a mofo, cuz I really want tp step up my game. I did all the wiring on the sport top, and installed all the lights, radar, garmin etc also :) Its great because I can bring my boat to the shop on the weekends and re-wire everything, and get the boat done up right:cheers: As well as get all the suplys or anything I need at cost
I tried uploading some pics to the gallery but couldnt. Ill post about that in the feedback forum.:bigthumb:
Heck yeah.:cheers: I just wish I was building checkmates instead :) heheh
Ive been looking to get into something like this for a while. I was going to move to FL to go to MMI, but couldnt do that. I went to college for 2.5 years for Graphic design in Boston but decided I would be much happier in the marine industry. One of the best parts is the production facility where I work is .7 miles from home! That sure beats commuting into the city every day:D
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Oh I know. You're right Coop. Ive had many sleepless nights toiling over the fact of not finishing, but in the end It was mainly due to family and financial "issues" but I beleive things always happen for a reason and in the end things always works out as they should:)


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Things have a funny way of working out in the end and coming full circle. :)

You can't go totally wrong finding work you love to do. :thumb:
Took the 9 meter out for a sea trial the other day. Ran sooo smooth and handled amazing. Definitely a fun toy. I just wish it were june already.
Ill upload some more pics of this thing in action once I get the disc of photos from the sales guy ;)




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Looks great. :thumb:

Did you load those into the gallery?

Once you do, I'll make one of them the index thumb for your gallery category. :)