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Hello guys I have a question I hope someone can answer for me...... I just purchased a 1994 Four winns boat. My first boat ever. During our first time on the lake we noticed water slowly dripping in by the engine which we were told was from the transom and the wood that was really dry from being out of the water. I've been told I have two options.....have the entire thing repaired for $2,400 (I bought the boat for $4,400) or use some bond and sealant called 5200 seal.
They told me its a very small leak and with the sealant and also with having the boat in the water the wood may swell and bond on its own. So my question is what is everyone's feedback on the 5200 sealant? Good stuff? Not worth trying? Do you think trying this is the smart thing to do to spare ourselves from spending a ton of money? Any feedback would be so much appreciated.


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a dry transom is a good thing. a wet transom is bad. a dry rot transom is a bad thing. I would venture to guess that the out drive needs to be resealed or the bellows are leaking.


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If this is a fiberglass boat, the wood in the transom is encased (or should be) in fiberglass. There is no swelling in this application as the wood should always be dry. When it gets wet it will rot inside the transom weakening the entire structure. If left to sit the wood may dry but, it still rots (dry rot). This situation calls for a rebuild of the transom which is much more than $ 2,400.

If it is a wooden hull boat, and by 1994 It probably is not, the hull planks (both clinker and caravel plank designs) were designed to "swell". However a leak from the transom is still not a good thing as usually this is extremely thick an made of several layers of plywood and possibly plank.

In either case the culpret of a leak beside the drive may be as easy as a gimble housing gasket or a bellows clamp....5200 is a good product...for what it is designed for. In this case it does not "double" as a gimble housing gasket repair product.

Your leak may be caused by one or more of several things, but as you may have gathered, a new gimble housing gasket is not the worst thing you may need. Remember, while operating this vehicle you are responsible for the lives on board. fix it right.
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