Mercruiser 140 questions


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I was given a old Larson boat a buddy had bought for parts. I just wanted the trailer but the boat came with it. I am looking at selling the motor and wondered what it is worth. It is apart because my buddy wanted the cam gear out of the engine.

Its got a bit of rust in the cylinders. I basically have a block, crank, pistons/rods, front cover, oil pan and pump, complete cylinder head, valve cover, exhaust and intake manifolds.

I have someone interested in the engine and wonder what its worth.

In the picture it has been like that for about eighteen days.


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the price depends on the shape of the parts. is the motor locked? is the head cracked? is it complete? those are all questions that you will be asked. I would either chose a price you are comfortable with and start a little higher. your just put make offer on it. a full engine that runs can go for around 1000 a parts engine is between 100 to 500. good luck