look what followed me home


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went to my parents and my car hauler and my next project followed me home!!
here she is

it is a VW dune buggy frame that my grandfather built into what you see now. he did while he was recovering from a broken knee. I will get more information on the motor but I do know it is a motor built for racing and this thang will fly. when she was first put together my grandpa had her setup for sand drag racing. when he got tried of that he turned it into a street legal car. she doesn't need much but a little TLC for leaks and I am going to freshen the wiring and the outside up. we are also going switch the car seats and belts out for a race style seat with four point harness. I cannot wait to get it back on the road. I have wanted to do it for years but my dad kept saying he was but he does not have time and told me I could come get it. I was going to tinker with is fairlane drag car but this comes first. she has not been on the road since 2008. I have been smiling all day!!!! :bounce::bounce::bounce:

here she is in her new home for a while


o and my drive way that make me happy and my wife mad