Leaf Blower/Inflator??


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Hey Guys!

Kinda off topic "here", but, I thought I would throw it out here:

In the summer I have a little niece who comes to the cottage for a few weeks and I have a large "SportsStuff" raft/floating island that I inflate along with a few other water toys for her to use.

I have been using a compressor to inflate the stuff, but, it takes FOREVER. I recently heard of a guy who used a leaf blower to inflate his stuff and apparantly it works much faster

Anyone know where I can find an adapter or ????? to use to inflate this stuff? I really only use the stuff when she is there [once or twice a year] so I didn't want to be bothered buying a "real" inflator designed for water toys, I also already have a good leaf blower there that I never use that works fine.

ANY input would be greatly appreciated.....Even if its just to tell me I am a cheap SOB who should just buy a proper pump! LOL

THANKS for the help guys, looking forward to checking out the site more in the next few days [-:



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The leaf blower would work better than the compressor as it is more like the actual pump. I would say go to your local hardware store and get a couple if pvc coupler to step down to the correct size. it may take a few couplers to step in all the way down. maybe use some flex hose at some point. it will look homemade but will be cheaper that anything that you can buy.


I thought I was the only redneck to do that! lol
I have a funnel that fits the blower then i cut the end to the size needed for the tube I inflate. I only came to this one day when I burned up my little compressor and had to to make something work. Its much faster!


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I agree!

I have one of those SportsStuff "Fiestas" its 12ft by 12ft and I used a small 5 gallon compressor to fill it, took FOREVER! Its even more "enjoyable?" when you have an 8 year old asking you every 15 seconds "Can I use it now, can I use it now, can I use it now??" LOL!!

I will try the funnel idea, I have a couple of people who suggested using PVC or ABS fittings to make something up, but, I wondered if someone made an adapter intended "for" using a leaf blower, or shop vac as an inflator. Might be a good item to start making, sounds like I am not the only one who needs one!

Thanks for the help guys!