It's May, right?


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Finally, the 2016 boating season is about to start in earnest.

I went Saturday to get my Greavette out of storage and bring it home. Other than the fact it rained all day (similar to the day I put it away) it's not a big deal. Except that in late afternoon, it SNOWED! And... then Sunday morning it SNOWED again!!! C'mon what is this...MAY 14.

Anyways, once home I removed my Alpha drive and will take it in today for a gear change. You don't want to mess about changing sterndrive gears without the proper tools and training. I mean, you could.... but the chances of getting it right (setting backlash, etc...) are slim. I was quite surprised to see how the exterior finish of the drive had degraded over the past year. I expect a paint chip or two on the skeg but, this year there's many of those to compliment the heat/stress paint cracks and scratches all over the housing. (I must say SEI has horrible paint) I had already replaced the upper housing once under warranty due to this. Oh well, moving on...

I also needed to do some hull maintenance/repairs. But first, the anti-foul paint must be removed. Unfortunately, the remover needs 10*C+ to work as directed (minimum 5 hours) so, as my schedule is tight I had to do it anyways. I have left the paint remover on overnight and I'm going out to pressure wash it off right now. It's still 4*C right now. Brrrrrrrrrrr. But, I have my Timmies (coffee, for those of you in the USA)!


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Well, the DeFoul worked brilliant! I sanded the area and epoxied over in 3 coats... now I'd like to do the whole bottom :) (maybe another year). Filled the seam with 3M 5200 and I'll re apply anti foul paint tomorrow.

The drive is at the shop... have it back in a couple of days.

Unexpectedly, I am getting my varnish job too! Turns out the generous person that gave me space to work on the boat also knows how to varnish! So, I have pulled all the chrome fittings and hardware off the boat.... (spent a whole night just polishing all of it).

As a bonus I have disassembled the windscreen vent while the windscreen is off the boat) and fixed the locking mechanism . Currently, I'm looking for some 5mm clear plexi (found 4.5 and 6mm) to replace an old piece that is not really clear anymore.

Things are looking up for the ol' woody!