iPhone and Navigation


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Has any one tried out the New Navigation APPS on iPhone like iNavx or Navionics? And what do you think?


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How do you find the iPhone?

My significant other Yolanda, has an older BlackBerry that she won't give up because she likes the older style, larger keyboards for typing emails. She's looked at all the new BlackBerry's and doesn't like any of them for this reason. Eventually, the thing is going to break and she'll be forced to get a new one. She could have already had a new one for peanuts, but decided to continue on with her old reliable one.

The one thing she does seem to have interest in is the iPhone, but neither of us know much about them.

I considered one when they first came out, but they were really expensive and I figured out would smash the fancy glass screen in the first week. :D



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I do agree that it does take time to get used to the no touch key board, but now that I can turn the screen to landscape it is much easier for e-mails.

As far as the screen is conserned I have had mine since Oct. 08', I have put the Otter Box case around th iPhone for protection. It is Great. No problems, it does weigh alittle bit more but it is now Water rest. and much more shock proof.

I am using iNavx and Navionics from the APP store as back up navigation. Like both of them.


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Hey I have been out of touch for a while...Any one has any questions on Navionics on the iPhone or Navioncs give me a shout??