Hustler Powerboats in Negotiations to Buy Fountain Powerboats


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A rather interesting development!

Hustler Powerboats is reportedly in negotiations to purchase the assets of Fountain Powerboats and in turn Baja as well. :thumb:

The following message was posted on Hustler's home website, as well as on their Facebook page.

"Hustler Powerboats is currently in negotiations to purchase Fountain Powerboats. As of Oct Fountain will go up for auction and no longer be in business."

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I'd say A rather Varry interesting development! WOW, The owner and the GM, Of the boat dealership I work for Keep on saying the marine industry will never be the same after this is all over with, And only the guy's that have been in the marine industry for a varry long time and that have the passion for boating may get through this if they played their cards right from the past Good times we had. And thank god I work for a guy that is trying to stay in it for the long hall and has done things right to have a chance to stay alive so far even though we had to lay off a few good guy's. And you would have thought That reggi would have been able to stay in it, But you just never know I guess.:shakehead: Oh how things are changing:(
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It makes no sense to me that they would announce this BEFORE the auction? Who knows who might be lurking in the shadows.