1. Baja 290 Motoryacht

    Baja 290 Motoryacht

  2. Baja 290 Motoryacht

    Baja 290 Motoryacht

    Twin 350 mags new and 19 pitch 4 blades 52 mpg on the GPS
  3. Baja 290 Motoryacht

    Baja 290 Motoryacht

    VC17 Bottom paint
  4. Chris

    Hustler Powerboats in Negotiations to Buy Fountain Powerboats

    A rather interesting development! Hustler Powerboats is reportedly in negotiations to purchase the assets of Fountain Powerboats and in turn Baja as well. :thumb: The following message was posted on Hustler's home website, as well as on their Facebook page. "Hustler Powerboats is currently...
  5. Chris

    Fountain Powerboats files for bankruptcy

    WASHINGTON, N.C. — Fountain Powerboats filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today, according to U.S. Bankruptcy Court documents from the Eastern District of North Carolina. Link to full article below... :( Here's another article...
  6. Chris

    What is up with Baja now?

    "Doc Holiday" posted a little hint on OSO about Baja returning to Ohio again. What do you guys think? Is DS up to something? :) Here's a link to Doc's thread on OSO. -Chris
  7. Chris

    1997 Baja Brochure

    The next brochure up is another Baja one, it's the 1997 edition. :) Here's the cover.... Enjoy! :thumb:
  8. Chris

    1991 Baja Brochure

    Hey Gang, I've got something neat that I think you'll enjoy, it's a 1991 Baja Brochure. :) One of the neat aspects of this brochure is that it includes a bit of a bio on the history of Baja which some of our Baja Fans might be interested to read. And given the fact that Doug Smith has now...
  9. Chris

    Fountain reports profitable fourth quarter

    There has been a lot of twists and turns recently with Fountain. Most recently of note, they purchased the assets of Baja from Brunswick. For their fourth quarter 2008 results they are reporting a net profit of $258,305 dollars on more or less flat gross sales of 20.7 Million. Not too bad...
  10. Chris

    Fountain Powerboats Reveals Plan for Growth

    A rather interesting article and turn of events... Fountain Powerboats has secured a grant from the State of North Carolina on the heels of the acquisition of Baja. The State grant is intended to help Fountain create 250 additional jobs over the next five years. Link to full article here