How Long Can Boat Stay in Salt Water?


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I just bought a 1997 Baja Marine 38 Special. It has new engines, twin Chevy 454s. My boating friends who are helping me with this are unfamiliar with the engine setup and want me to ask how long can the boat safely stay in salt water without flushing the engines. Would it be a problem to have the boat in the water for three days, a week?

This boat has never been in salt water before. Sorry if this is a stupid question but we do need to know if I have to pull it out every day or can I leave it in a slip for a week while I'm here in Mexico having fun.


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I would pull it everyday day and flush it. salt water does some mean things to motors. just like buying a car from up north. some may say you should be fine but if it was mine I would pull it.