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well....I am now... not a collectible old timer Glastron like you may mean, though? Our family's first boat...a 2004 sx175. Perfect boat for us, everything we need, nothing we don't.

needs: 8 passenger, compact sized, small engine, bench back seat, not old bow rider. I think were going to enjoy it!

Ross Gluer

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Glastron 279, 2005 question


We just purchased a 270 here in Brisbane, Australia. Runs well and we are doing a big tidy up of the boat. I have noticed that the bolts that secure the anchor fair lead are all lose (3 bolts) - the nuts have clearly worked lose and dropped down inside the 'nose cone'. Does anyone have an idea how to access that area to refit the nuts? It looks like I will have to remove the internal bulk head etc which I guess is a fairly major job - any thoughts?

Thanks Ross


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usually there should be a way to access the bolts. Are you sure they were supposed to have nuts and not just stripped out. you can also try long pop rivets that split the case to make a backing plate when used.

Ross Gluer

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Hi Nathan

The bolts didn't appear to be stripped - and I'm only guessing that they had nuts on them. One lifts straight out (about 3 inches long and maybe 5/16 thick) and the other two are very lose. I guess they take quite a bit of pressure when the anchor is 'heavy'.
It's a 2003 (not 2005) Glastron 279. Thanks for your advice. Cheers Ross