experiance with spark plugs


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picked up a set of champion rv12ycy plugs for my 165 mercruiser,properly gapped them,installed them.started my boat and low and behold,,,,3 dead ones right off the bat.I got the champions because they were out of the ACs and NGKs,,so i exchanged the champs for ACs and she runs smooth..seems more folks hav e issues with the champs than not..Advice and lesson .........buy the better stuff first time out and save the hastle of switching em out


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I used to be a big champion fan but when my last set did not run better than the older NGKs that were in the motor. it is sad how many trusted brands are now falling off.


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I've been an NGK guy since my days with high performance snowmobiles in the late 70's early 80's...
However, I used AC plugs in the most recent build (no NGK available when I needed them) and have been quite happy.
last Chump-ions I used were in a 1976 Nova 305 that ran like cr*p.
...in fairness, it may not have been ALL the plugs fault.

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Out of the three brands mentioned, champions are usually frowned upon both on the internet and sometimes in real life.:shakehead: