DC Police Boat Hits, Sinks Docked Craft!


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Wow. hard to believe that happened. I don't know how the DC police assign their officers but, I'd be willing to bet this guy gets to drive a desk for a while.....


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that's nuts I believe he is not used to his boat. the funny part is when they say the police is investigating. what is there to investigate your officer hit the boat period now pay up.


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I don't think there's any question as to DC police paying up.
But, there's lots to investigate...
was this officer just jacking around, or was there a real call? Was he following proceedures? Do proceedures exist? How long has the officer been on river patrol? What training did he have? Did he pass? How sufficient is the training?
Was he alone? Should he have been?
Are the police boats safe? could they be safer? Is there a better design for police boats? Were there issues with this particular boat? What is the service record of this boat? What is the police boat fleet service like?

These questions and more will be answered at the public expense... as well as buying a new 40' Searay :)