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Y' know I love the "woodies"....
I have my 18' Greavette for fun & fast family cruising....
And now I have the 16' Donzi Ski Sporter project and I love the "offshore" performance style runabouts....

So what do I find? Actual plans to build the WynMill II woodie boat that gave it's DNA to become the Donzi 16 and the Formula Jr. Well, it's a sort of reverse engineering to get back to the future!

See here for the eggbeater version:

and here for the I/O version;

Apparently the skill level required to build her is just above beginner so, I think this'll be the next project in line!


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I also found the original Donzi Ski Sporter 16' (sweet sixteen) plans in the Mystic Seaport museum.... apparently they have the original "WinMill II" plans there too. More digging required.


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I just might have convinced a "local" boat builder to make a few of these hulls on spec...

Because of their ease of assembly and low cost of materials an experienced boat builder could knock off several of these hulls in a short time.

The idea is to use CNC cut frames (for accuracy and speed of assembly) and cedar strip hull planking with an epoxy system (again, quick and strong). Mahogany decks will set off the look. This gives a very strong and light hull that can accept a wide variety of power units I4 to V8!

This would leave all finishing (paint, varnish etc...) rigging and interior choices to the owner. The end result will be a custom woody performance runabout clad in fiberglass (for almost zero maintenance) at a very low entry threshold.

The projected cost around $ 5 - 6,000.00 for the completed hull is cheap when compared to buying an old 'glass 16 then re-coring the deck, transom and stringers and spraying new paint/gel.

Now the "hard work" is done the rest of the "kit" is up to the buyers preferences' and that will determine the final costs of the boat.

Remember how well "naked furniture" used to sell?
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