Changing Avatars


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Thanks its working again.

Too bad the file size is so small, we could have animated avatars.



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Well, I guess the canundrum is always whether to allow them (bigger avatars) or not.

I think I increased the size for supporter's over on the Check site - but my main concern with allowing big avatars - other than the increased bandwidth and storage costs - is the load time factor for members on dialup and slower internet connections.

Because avatars appear in every thread, it can become quite the bandwidth hog. I'm on really slow dialup connection at the cottage so I know just how slow it can be at times. I have no problem with regular threads that are just text, but threads full of pictures grind me to a hault.

I think you can probably still link to offsite hosted animated avatars though can't you?



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Got me beat Coop.

You can upload animated ones if they're small - why they won't work when linking is beyond me.