Can't find the name of a part on a 140 Suzuki


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We have a ~2010 140 HP Suzuki and the arm where the hydraulic steering attaches to on the motor is rusting out quite badly. I want to find info on how to replace it but I can't find out what the part is called. Where do you go to find the names/identification of motor parts like this? I've searched for ~hour on line and come up with all kinds of schematics, but none show that part of the motor. The arm..for want of a better description is kind of flat and has a hole where the hydraulic steering is bolted to it. It runs in under the motor head and attaches to the motor shaft right where the motor pivots on the shaft. As I said, it is rusting and probably needs to be replaced within a year. I am not sure that is something that requires a lot of technical skill or not.