Boat sickness


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Okay, this boat thing must be a sickness....

I'm a regular over at "" and today I see their banner had a nice 1960ish Penn Yan lapstrake on it. (parked on Lake Dora, FLA). not 20 minutes later I find the same model boat (1960 Penn Yan) listed in the classifieds about 20 minutes away from my home 18' running 4 cyl merc i/o, most resto work completed...and for only $500 including a trailer! It's a COOL boat.

Now, I have nowhere to put this boat. I have nowhere to work on this boat. I have no extra resources to finance whatever this boat would need. I have no need of this boat and the ever present "the BOSS would KILL me" if she kew I was even thinking about another boat. But I'm still so close to buying it! Such a great boat for such a great price! Maybe it can be a "backup"...maybe I'll just go have a look at it.

I'm gunna sleep on it.... Sheeeeeeeesh! :eyecrazy:
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You need to move out on to some land in the country where you'll have almost unlimited space.

Then you just need one of those steel buildings and you're all set. :D



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You need to move out on to some land in the country where you'll have almost unlimited space.

The problem with lots of land is lack of water!

I need to move to the small towns in the lake district (Kawartha maybe).... commuting to work might be an issue though.


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I didn't buy this boat but, it is currently listed again. The new owner wants $3,500! Other than a clean up I can see no appreciable change. Sure it was a decent boat at a good price the first time but, how much should you make when you "flip" a boat?

I find it a little disingenuineous as the "flipper" can offer no information about the boat or it's history maintainance etc.... and still asks for a 7oo% return. IMHO, this is greed. It is not ethical even in a capitalist society.


I hope the thing rots on his driveway.


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haha Ive been through this with ATV's...I learned. I had 5 of them at one time and was searching for more... one for every type of riding. and for everyone...

so with boats, I'm trying really really hard to fight this "sickness" because I should know better.

I really want to keep a small fast boat, and then have a large family friendly well..and If I do that, why not get a PWC...? :)

but....guess what...? boats take up more space than atv's LOL

i cannot store a boat outdoors OCD i cant get over. If I had the indoor room, id have at least 3 boats guaranteed. Thats how much fun we have with them....

good luck get "well" soon


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well, it's not your fault. it's a disease.

step one is admitting you have a problem. youre partway there!