another great one in the books


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looks like 2015 boating season is done for us, but.. it was FANTASTIC. :thumb: had a great weekend...

Planned to take my sister and her family out. But, I really dislike a mob at the ramps and dock, we went out ahead of time. cruised around...

Then had a scare while we were doing that though. 25mph, go under a bridge, COMPLETE loss of forward drive. someone following too close, close enough his bow wake splashed us as he went around... :irked:

thinking bad/spun prop, or something on noise though i'm confused. try 3 times, trim up nothing. idle back to dock assuming day/season is shot. A jetboat review I read once pops into my head. when they get seaweed in their intake, they back up really fast and cut power to flush it out, so to speak.. so for funsies, I did that- little chunk of black painted particle board pops out.

day saved. good thing, I THINK its the last trip. We might try for a dinner cruise possibly soon. but, next 2 weekends are spoken for. truck repair for my brother, then a wedding the starting, and soccer season starts. My wife works retail. this time of year they start staffing, and shes HR so her time is fleeting. Mine too- business picks up.

it was another good year! Hope yours is/was as good as ours! I LOVE this hobby. have a nice year folks!



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WOW... I'm not expecting to be out of the water until Mid October. (And then it's time for the 5 year varnish job :) )

Glad you had a good season.

Yesterday, our boat club was at Lindsay, Ontario to display at the town "rib fest" event. We then went for a tour of Sturgeon Lake and a visit to Fenlon Falls. Hot, humid, sticky, middle of summer weather... the best time to be out on a boat :)
So, also a great weekend for us.


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yep, after the spring delayed its start again, then flooding.. its been absolutely perfect. hot, slight wind... water warmed up nicely. gorgeous.

there MIGHT be some boating into september, but its a difficult proposition. with soccer on weekends. Then wife works every other. i could POTENTIALLY work solidly until december.... might just be dinner cruises for us.

Plus I'm not really down the seasons over..., I completely detail cleaned the boat weekend before last. pulled EVERYTHING out. seats carpet cushions.... pressure washed then scrubbed all storage and ski lockers. I would bet $ my boat is the cleanest 12 year old boat just about anywhere. lol itll get a full gelcoat machine and compound polish soon too.

also, I'm preparing for a rather intense maintenance session with it during the offseason. never did rebuild that carb, its quite obviously having issues-dead spot.. So Ill do that.... that squeak i had posted about here earlier turned out to be alternator belt, not the gimbal like I feared, so I just lubed it and went on. It'll get inspected. I MIGHT just replace it AND the UJOINT "just because"

I enjoy taking care of it. :) and we've had a good year!

and....Fall is perfect motorcycling weather.

funny note: I googled your town, thinking hey, whatre you talking about, youre canadian, it cant be THAT warm. haha well, youre not THAT far north....pretty close to Rochester NY actually. Ive been there for work. Xerox/kodak. pretty country up there, not sure what its like on your side.

good luck to you!


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Newmarket is a bedroom community of Toronto. Much closer to Buffalo, NY than Rochester (other end of the big lake). I used to go regularly to Muscatine Iowa, for the former company (Bridgestone/Bandag) but, haven't been in the corn belt for a while.

My boat is 43 years old and also spotless... including the motor & bilge. Well, probably because I also show my boat at the shows and it's never really dirty. :) In fact I'm cleaning it again today. It is 90*F today with a humidex of 95*F so, I'm just in cooling down. I enjoy tinkering but not so sure today is THE day I want to be out in the sun.