"Wanted" 1973 to 1990 25 HP Johnson short shaft motor w/ manual rope start.

For a very near future motor upgrade on my 1973 Sea Nymph 14R 'Big Water'
v-bottom boat,I am looking for a 25 HP manual rope start short shaft Johnson
motor made between 1973 to 1990. I currently have a 1970 Johnson 9.5 HP motor which I think may be too small and under powered for a boat rated for
25 horsepower max. Saving the money and will offer up to $800.00 if motor has been well cared for and in good running condition. May even consider a trade!:thumb: An Evinrude would work if the Johnson could not be found for whatever reason,but it would have to be a 25 HP motor as well w/short shaft
and manual rope start,...and made in the same years as the Johnson I would
prefer to have.:thumb:
I am not in a great big hurry for a motor upgrade,...I have other priorities
to look into first,such as looking for a new tow vehicle,...my car's getting
lots of miles on'er,but she may have to pull the boat for a while as long as
she keeps running. I am thinking about just your basic Dodge or Chevy
work truck with a V-6 engine and at least a Class II frame hitch. My present tow vehicle is a 1996 Buick Regal sedan w/V-6 engine. As far as a different motor for the boat,...I may just go no higher than a 15
horse motor since it is going to be just myself in the boat 99% of the time. But a 25 still sounds nice!


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You shouldn't need too much in the way of a tow vehicle for the tin boat. It's fairly light, so almost anything can do the job. We just used to throw ours on the roof racks of many of our cars and pop the motor in the trunk. :)

I am taking a very serious look at the Dodge Dakota,...larger than a Ford
Ranger and Chevy S-10,but slightly smaller than a full size truck. As for that
motor upgrade,a 15 HP motor should be adequate for a mix of small and large bodies of water on a boat like mine,but that 25 HP motor still stands at the top of the list. You watch,...I'll probably end up with an 18 or 20 HP motor
from the 1970's,such as Evinrude's Fastwin 18 shown in the 1973 Evinrude
brochure you have posted on the site,or a 20 HP Johnson!:thumb: