1959 30' ?Chris Craft


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we stripped her dow to bare wood and repainter
stripped all the varnish and restained and new varnish

complete rewire
2 new 4.3 220 horse marine power pakages with hurst 1.5 to 1 gears
she still had the hercules flathead inline 6's with manual clutches
new shafts new 15 x 13 nibral 3 blade props

planes out as fast as most runabouts now

new mahogany transom

the cabin roof and fordeck were covered in automotive vinyl top material
we removed all of it and glassed the roof and foredeck

it took about 6 months to restore and about $100,000.00

the boat surveyed for 90,000 fter the resto.


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the picture was taken a couple of days after we won best in class
at the
lakewood yacht club keels and wheels Concorse de Elegance

i think that was may 5 2000



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Beautiful boat!

Thanks for sharing. :)

Did you check out some of the pics in the gallery from the Gravenhurst Boat show that I posted?

There were some incredible boats there. :thumb:


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Wow, you just gotta love a big "Woodie". Nice boat.



Very cool Daren :thumb: I know alot of work went into that boat & it shows.

I used to help my dad sand & paint his Commadore. I was a gitter bug sanding expert back then ;)