1. Chris

    Approaching 1000 Total Members Mark!

    Hi Gang, We're quickly approaching a little milestone - that being we're very close to signing up our 1000th member. I would think we're only a few days or so away now. I'd like to thank everyone for taking the plunge, joining up and participating in building our community. With your...
  2. R

    New Key Hopper Forum

    Well, thanks to Chris, we now have a new Key Hopper Forum page... I will watch to see who chims in, if you do, please let us know what year boat, what motor your running etc....If you have had alot of Key Hoppers love to hear that also.
  3. L

    Let's get this Sea Nymph board going!

    Hi fellow Sea Nymph boat owners,...I know we have got to have some out there. Though I am still new to the site,I suggested such a board be started because I did not see one on here when I joined the site. So,...what do you say we get this board going?:thumb::thumb:. I now own a '73 Sea Nymph...
  4. Chris

    400th Member Milestone!

    Hey Gang, Yesterday we hit the 400th total members milestone. :cheers: Stevemf was member number 400. :thumb: Welcome aboard Steve! :) -Chris
  5. Chris

    Local Chapters

    Hey Gang, I've created a local chapter forum divided into the different boating areas here on planet earth. If anyone would like to suggest a specific chapter forum for their specific area, please do so in the board feedback forum (or here in this thread if you prefer) and if there is...
  6. Chris

    Board Milestones

    First Post by 175Checkmate (Gus) on June 11, 2007 100th Post - June 20, 2007 200th Post - June 26, 2007 300th Post - July 10, 2007 400th Post - July 30, 2007 500th Post - Aug 13, 2007 600th Post - Sept. 1, 2007 700th Post - Sept. 29, 2007 800th Post - Nov. 9, 2007 900th Post - Nov. 30. 2007...