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    My New Mission

    I do feel they should have a atm machine. But I also agree with the store people are getting out of control using plastic. What pisses most stores off is when people constantly buy under 5 dollars worth of crap and stick it on plastic. A guy the other day at a shop showed me a charge from people...
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    starting engine rebuild

    The heads are the key spot for performance. If up grading the camshaft 99% of the time the stock used springs or junk on stock heads. Only a unprofessional machinist will add shims on stock springs to boost spring pressure up. I recommend buying a complete cam kit that comes with cam, lifters...
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    Just seen your message, If I decide to fix I will Chris.

    Just seen your message, If I decide to fix I will Chris.
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    newbie intro

    Apollo Jetboats are far and few anymore here is a bit of history for you. The 455 and Berkeley pump was the most popular engine and pump package in any make jetboat back in the day. Back then the 455 was the cat daddy in engines for a jetboat...
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    Its up to you they are not mine but in my search I found this cool page I think you will really like. :bigthumb:
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    Here you go Chris 1961 Hydro-Cycle
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    Two NBA players pull guns on each other in the locker room

    Its to bad they did not kill each other that would have to more useless thugs in this world:bigthumb:
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    When is it time to pack it in?

    That would not stop the Captain :cheers:
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    31 Express

    I turn a few wrenches from time to time its more of a hobby. I like to buy and sell more than anything now. The last total pile of crap 66 gto I sold brought 2500. This thing was a disaster. Crashed front clip, total rotted quarters, trunk and floor were also rotted only a fool would have...
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    Exhaust Fumes in Engine Compartment

    That has been a mandatory feature on any I/O since the seventies.
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    31 Express

    I just bought a Carver with twin 4.3's at a bargin with only 347 hours on it. It has one bad engine. Not bad the 4.3 is the 220 horse version
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    Boat stolen in Miami

    Thats good to here I thought I left them at that party when I got drunk. :cheers:
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    Exhaust Fumes in Engine Compartment

    I agree with Chris also. I have also noticed in smaller boats when the tank is full and because a boat runs a open fuel vent unlike a car. The movement of you getting in and out of the boat tends to purge the fumes out of the tank. I have also seen the fuel filler hose get hard and loose its...
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    31 Express

    Good luck with double trouble. I have just went that way myself :D. What engines are you running
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    Excessive steam from exhaust

    Bad gas will not clogg a fuel filter. Only trash in the tank will or the filter is getting filled with water. Warm water temp and cooler air outside will make the boat steam more or the other way around. If their is no water in the oil, and the engines are running cool don't worry about it...