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I have a 19' four winns I am using for the 1st time and will be leaving it in a slip. Any videos on tying dock lines available?
Hi Chris. I found this site looking for information on Grew boats, having recently purchased a 1976 Grew 255 Sport Offshore (convertible). Originally, and specifically, I was drawn to your 1975 Grew brochure. If you still have it I would be very interested in purchasing it. Also, I have discovered that my Grew 255 is very rare, especially in the convertible model. There are some hardtops around, and some Offshore Commands, but I have yet to find another 25' 4", 9'8" beam, twin engine, Sport Offshore model anywhere in the world. I did find a 74 single engine model in Waukegan Ill. under the Slickcraft name, but none anywhere under the Grew name. Although my boat is fairly original and complete, I plan to restore it to 100%. I have never joined anything like this before, and have always previously owned and restored wooden boats. I would be happy to upload pics as i proceed if you think members would enjoy them. Appreciate a reply. Thanks, Rolf.
We are looking to trade up next year any thoughts on chaparral vs crownline? Looking at boats in the 24 ft range open bow with a head?
Glad to hear that it may work for you. I use ebay a lot and have never had any issues. hope they have one for you!!
Nathan, this is Crown98 and if you are the one that posted the thread for my dashboard, a bigTHANKS! I'm not sure if that dash will work but the seller has access to many Crown parts!
Just bought a Four Winns 180 and it has a beat up 4 Blade prop on it want to buy a new 3 Blade aluminum any ideas on what pitch?
New to the group and by my log in, I tell who I am. Just purchased this off Ebay and wanted to get into a group that appreciated this motor. It's for my son and myself, going on a 14' flat bottom Jon boat. When I get the motor will post a few pictures and start a thread, as I know there will be questions.
I bought a CLYDE boat a week ago. There is a small gold plate on the inside of the hull. It has a number 62004, what does that mean exactly. I was told this boat was a 1963, but the 62 in the plated number has me thinking otherwise. What do you think?
Hello- I am looking for a vendor that replicate the orginal CLYDE boat logo. Wooden Boat amde in Detroit Michigan in the late 40's early 50's. All I have is photo- flying sea gull with block letters CLYDE over it. 15 1/2 inch wing span
Hello friend,
I have been in the Service industry since 1984.
I posses strong skills in Outdoor Power Equipment
I also repair all types of Powersports equipment, personal watercraft and Marine engines.
I love everything about the challenge to make an engine purr at it's very best. If I can help with an issue you are having, please ask; I will do my best to help.

Furthermore, I like the fact of also getting help as needed from the great people found here on this Forum.