Why I Live Here


OK guys I'm not bragging because I know that our northern boating friends are getting beat by the crappy weather, but I got out yesterday afternoon for a few hours in unbelievable weather. I had the Stream out on Tampa Bay and it was like a lake. Tee-shirt and shorts is unheard of on January 4th even in Tampa. I buzzed a departing cruise ship and did a couple of WOT runs for the pleasure of the waving passengers. I had the wife and dogs on board and even saw another Stream. I need to test a new prop but I usually remove the rear seat and run solo so I hope the weather holds until this coming weekend ( 1-10 )

Happy Boating to All in 2009:cheers:


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Ahhh, sun and water, sounds nice! :thumb:

You'll have to tease us with some pics. Or at least upload some more pics of the 'Stream. :)

For us, we'll start cottaging again in early April, so I'm justcounting down the weeks. :yell: :)