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Supporting Member, Subscription Feature

I'm happy to announce that we've now introduced a few new perks for our supporting members. Now when you donate, you will automatically be upgraded to the newly created Checkmate-Boats supporting members group. As always, donating and becoming a supporting member is voluntary and is not mandatory or required to participate or enjoy our forums or website.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Subscription and Becoming a Supporting Member are as Follows...

-Ability to upload attachments from your desktop to our server (Maximum 50 MB storage)
-Increased private message storage of 300 messages versus standard 75.
-Ability to post events on the forums calendar.
-Supporter's Icon Image appears in postbit under your avatar.
-Username appears in yellow both on the online now box as well as postbit, signifying forum supporting status.
-Username appears on our supporter's page.
-Increased avatar upload size to 50 KB versus standard 20 KB
-Ability to upload images to our photogallery
-Ability to create a personal album of images in our photogallery and then link to the images in your posts on the forums.

Please note that subscription purchases apply to both of our sites-Endless Boating & Checkmate-Boats.

If you would like to have your membership upgraded on both sites, please send me a Private message with your two applicable board names.

Additional features, may be introduced in the future.

Currently two automated subscriptions are available. The automated system can be accessed through your control panel under the link "Paid Subscriptions". Or you can click this link

The automated system utilizes paypal and there are currently two "automated" donation amounts available.
$15.00 U.S. dollars for a 6 month subscription to the supporting group membership benefits.
$25.00 U.S. dollars for a 1 year subscription to the supporting group membership benefits.
Depending on community feedback we may introduce additional donation options.

The automated system is just that automated. Meaning the board will automatically upgrade your membership to the "supporter's group" and then will also move you back to the regular group when your subscription ends.

Alternatively, you can also donate any amount utilizing our supporter's page. The supporter's page can be accessed by clicking the "piggy bank" donate icon which is located at the bottom of most pages. If you would like to make a donation by cheque, please PM me and I'll give you our snail mail address. Please note that donating by these methods is not automated, so please allow a day or two for us to process your donation and get you set up as a supporting member.

I'd like to thank all of our members who have participated in our forums over the past four years. Our little community has certainly grown over that time! And collectively we certainly have built an amazing Checkmate resource.

This program is something I have wanted to introduce for some time and now that we have our new home I've been able to do it. I hope all of you are enjoying the new forums.

I've also put together a little Q/A which I've posted below. If you have an additional questions, feedback or comments about the Subscription Feature, just post them in this thread and I'll do my best to help and respond.



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Question: I already donated, do I have to donate again to become a member of the supporter's user group?

Answer: It depends on when you donated. We retroactively upgraded everyone who donated after Jan 1, 2005. All members who donated after January 1, 2005 have received a one year subscription tied to the date they donated. Members who donated between January 1/05-March 31/05 obviously would have already had their subscription expire. What we have done for members who donated during this period is as a goodwill gesture given them a subscription which expires on June 30, 2006.

Question: Do I have to donate to participate on the forums?

Answer: No you don't! You can still enjoy the forums as you always have, you can still post pictures by utilizing a secondary hosting service and then "hotlinking" to the images. The subscription program is a voluntary program which was set up as a perk for donating members.

Question: Why did you choose $15.00 & $25.00 as the two automated amounts?

Answer: Because it seemed many of our members were donating around the $25.00 dollar amount, we figured that would be a good level. The $15.00 dollar amount was introduced for members who may be new to our forums or for members who would like to utilize the buy and sell forum and would appreciate the having ability to upload pictures of their boat to post with their ad.

Question: Can I donate a different amount?

Answer: Sure you can. You can send whatever you like. You can do so via the supporter's page. We will then upgrade your membership manually which may take a few days to complete.

Question: What if I donate less than $15.00, what do I get?

Answer: Unfortunately, we don't have a program set up for donations of less than $15.00 at this point in time. However, if we get a lot of feedback that members would like to see a donation subscription level of less than $15.00, or for less for 6 months, we'll certainly consider it!

Question: Can I still donate anonoumously?

Answer: Yes you can. Again, you will have to do so manually through the supporter's page. If you want to donate annonmously, please indicate that to us at the time you donate. Also, please note, that to enjoy the subscription benefits you will have be upgraded to the supporter's group and will therefore show as such on the online now box as well as in the postbit area. Currently, there isn't a way for us to give you the benefits of the subscription service without putting you into the supporter's group. So you'll have to decide if you want to be truly anonoumous or receive the subscription benefits.

Question: If I want to use the forums for commercial selling purposes, is this the program I have to join?

Answer: The simple answer is no. The more complex answer is....The "supporting vendor" program is totally seperate from the supporting member program. If you would like to become a supporting vendor, please contact us. Generally speaking, we don't require anyone to become a supporting vendor, as long as you aren't posting shameless plugs for your business on the forums and are not utilizing our buy and sell forums for the purposes of selling. However, if you would like to use our forums for commercial purposes, please contact us PRIOR to posting ads and or plugs. You can contact us via email or you can contact me via PM and I will discuss the supporting vendor program and fees with you. Please note, we do not necessarily accept all vendors into the supporting vendor program.

Question: I would like to donate more then $25.00 can I do so?

Answer: Sure you can! Although at this time you will still only receive a one year subscription. Again, if we get feedback that members would like an additional automated subscription level, we'll certainly consider it!

Question: What happens to my attachments if my subscription expires? Will they be deleted?

Answer: No, they won't be deleted. Your attachments will remain. Although somewhere down the road we may have to prune the board of some posts and/or attachments due to server demands.

Question: Can if I get a refund?

Answer: No, we aren't going to provide refunds pro-rated or otherwise for any reason.

Question: How do I get my subscription updated so that I'm a supporting member on both Endless Boating &

Answer: Just send me a PM on either site, letting me know your board name on each site (if they're different) and I will update your membership on whichever site requires it.

If you have further questions you can post them in this thread and I'll answer them and also add them to this FAQ.