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204 Escape

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We had had some issues with our seats in our '06 LARSON 204 Escape. The vinyl, would all of a sudden show a "crack" in the vinyl, along the edges. It wasn't at a seam, it would just show up, as a small "crack" in what appeared to be in the surface of the vinyl.

After getting a couple of "replacement seats", I stored had taken the boat to the dealership, (a total of 192 miles round trip), to find that 2 of the NEW seat replacements were showing the same problem.

I contacted LARSON, and got the warranty department, and explained the situation to them, via e-mail.

I was advised to take the seats to my local upholstery shop, and have them looked at.

The findings were as follows:

1) The seat bottoms were of a plastic kind, and appeared to be routed out at the factory.

2) The plastic seat bottoms "appeared" to be routed from both the top, and the bottom, therefore leaving a "ridge" that was sharp, right through the center of the plastic edge.

3) Everywhere there was a sewn seam if you will, there were what I at first thought were router "gouges". They were not, they were supposed to be there (I guess), to relieve "stress" on a sewn design in the vinyl, BUT the "gouge" was of the sharp kind therefore causing a "cut" in the vinyl.

The upholstery shop, took all of the seat bottoms apart, and smoothed out the sharp edges, on ALL of the seat bottoms, and THEN wrapped the edges of the seats with a piece of 1/4" heavy foam, to "cushion" the vinyl.

I hope that this solves the problem.

My thanx, to the warranty department for their assistance, with this problem, and a thanx, to LARSON for working with us in this matter.

The only thing left to get, is the check that will re-imburse me for the repairs, and I have already been contacted that the check, "is in the mail", soon. :cheers:

Sorry for the long post, but thought it might help someone with a seat problem solution, as well as letting folks with a bot know that LARSON did what I feel is/was right by a customer. :thumb:


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Well, it sounds like a design flaw as I'm sure Larson manfactured most of the seats the same way. I wonder if Larson do their own seats "in house" or whether a third party manufactures them?

Whatever the case, I would think you're not the only one who's encountered the problem.

So it's nice to see they're attempting to make things right by you. :thumb:



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Well as I mentioned, there are probably more seats out there with the exact same problem. It sounds like a flaw in the design to me. ;)

Hopefully yours are all fixed up now and you'll be good to go for quite a while. :thumb: