Ribcraft 5.85

This seems to be one of the more popular models. Im currently building one for the Corpus Christi Fire Dept. in Texas. This hull has been re designed for 08 with lots of upgrades like a 12'' pad, Re designed bildge and hatches amoung other things :thumb: Its getting all the goodies, Garmin, Radar, Sea star steering, T- tops, Lights etc.
Here is a video of the 5.85 in action


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Very kewl BP!

Can you share some build shots with us?

There were a number of Zodiac and inflatable type boats at the TO boat show yesterday.

They were really neat. :)

Yes the job is going very well. I've been snapping some pics of the build (and others) so I should be starting a new thread sooner rather than later:bigthumb: