Project "PROTEUS"


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Well, with a classic wooden runabout and a 1964 Formula Jr. project boat I need another boat like a hole in the head. I really don't need another project boat but, here I sit after just purchasing a 19' KAVALK project.

This one is Canadian made with a glass hull topped with a wooden deck. These are high-end luxury boats and Kavalk is best known world wide for supplying tenders to super yachts.

My boat was a prototype hull made in 1981 but, finally rigged for sale in 1986. Originally it had a mid mount v6 engine and a jet drive. This was swapped out a few years later for a more conventional Chev v8 and Merc sterndrive. A new interior was crafted at this time too. Then the boat saw a downturn in events when the owner sank it for the insurance money....

When the boat was raised, it was pretty much stripped of all running gear and left to sit in a marina for several years while "stuff" was sorted out. The marina wound up owning it and subsequently sold it to an employee (for peanuts). A new 3.0L 4-banger Mercruiser and alpha drive was fit and the boat was used in this configuration for several summers. Then it sat... and sat... and sat....and sat. The owner turned it in to a billboard for his bait shop and rolled it out to the roadside for a few summers until it began to look too ratty. It was consigned to the back 40 of his swampy property for another 12 years.

I had heard about the boat and went looking for it. It didn't take long and well, I found it nd made the deal. It is definitely a project but, the transom, stringers and inside of the hull look okay. The drive and engine still look new but, the wood deck and interior need total replacement. I'll upgrade the motor too!

3 boats and I'm still married!


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I have three boats and they rarely see the water....too busy! LOL

Oh well, maybe one day. :)



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I did bring the Kavalk home. Just long enough to prep it for a dry storage. I pulled off all the old rotten wood, cleaned out the moldy interior and pulled out most of the waterlogged foam from under the floor. Turns out the floor was rotten too as were the stringers so, this just became a much bigger job. She's in storage now until my Formula Jr. is done.