Partially Spun Hub Vibration?


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Can anyone tell me if a partially spun hub can produce a low rpm periodic rattle; is it possible?
It might.

The usual symptom of a spun hub, is typically that the motor will feel like it jumps into neutral every once in a while, or that it cavitates and the RPM's jump. Or if it's really bad, you might not be able to develop much power at all.

As a tip, what you could try doing to diagnose the problem, is marking the hub and the prop. Then run the engine and then see if the marks have moved. :)


R Socey

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I've heard of that - my motors are winterized now, and I'm going to have both props, and hubs done. I was just wondering if there was a beast called the PARTIALLY spun hub - if that could be the culprit of a periodic vibration at put put speed?