no fuel


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i went to go boating on sunday but my engine was running out of gas at the warf. there was 3/4 of a tank in it so i started looking for problems, the fuel pump did not seem to be sucking so i installed an used electric pump and it still would run out of gas. then i took the boat out of the water and removed the suction pipe from the tank and checked for crackes and it was fine. tested the fuel pump and it was low on pressure and volume so i installed a new electric pump and blanked off the hole in the block, ran all new fuel line and in the garage it seemed to be fixed. took the boat outside and started it on the hose and it stalled 45 seconds later, i then went back and looked down the carb and pumped the throtle and no fuel. i then took the top off the new carb i put on last year and found that the seat for the float needle had come loose and unscrewed shutting off the fuel supply. i tightened it up and now everything is fine. at least the entire fuel system is overhauled and should be problem free for years to come.


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Thanks dave - that's good info that might hopefully help someone down the line. :)

Thanks for posting it. :thumb: