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as the username suggests, im restoring a 1957 champion wood speed boat, im pretty sure its mahogany sides maybe the pics will say otherwise. the boat was stored in a barn for years rarely used and its in great shape, the past owner fiber-glassed it and just let it sit. me and my brother took the fiberglass off the sides and top (tore cleanly off in sheets) and left it fiber-glassed on the bottom so when we re-fiber-glassed it would be stronger on the bottom. sides and top are sanded smooth.

now the question is with the stain, we stained the top and love the color, but a friend warned against using oil-based stain because it may bleed into the future fiber-glass we're going to put on top of it and cause blemish. now its to late but the top has a oil-based stain on it and I'm worried if its too late, i dont know if i can sand it off or continue using it.

im going to put the stain info below with pictures of the boat, its tipped upside down now so you cant see the stained top, i can get pics of the top if there important.

brand: MINIWAX Wood Finish
Penetrates Stains and Seals

info:eek:il-based wood stain, it applies easily and penetrates deep into the pores of the wood and is ideal for staining furniture, cabinets, molding and hardwood floors.




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There are different ways to go stain wise, but one thing you might want to consider if you want a really nice finish is using analine dyes instead of just stain. Dyes have very little pigment unlike regular consumer type stains, so the grain and colour of the wood comes out much clearer.

Keep in mind as well, that most Min-Wax stains are just consumer grade interior only stains that don't offer any U.V. protection from the sun.

Then over top, you'll be looking at either varnish or better yet the epoxy, two part type clears that are even better yet.



If your going to glass the boat, there are studies which were conducted by Gougeon Brothers in BayCity, Michigan as to how resins and stains react. If I remember correctly oil base stains such as minwas do not allow the resin to penitrate and adhere to the wood as it should and will allow delamination. Water based Gelstains and dyes were the best.

Here is the link to there site, you can surch for articles on stains and their reaction to resin.

Good luck.