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204 Escape

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Am looking for someplace to buy carpeting for our boat.

Contacted LARSON, and they "don't sell carpet" to customers. :confused:

Our carpet is removable, (snaps in). It is kind of a sculptured carpet that is a beige in color. It has a thin layer of rubber backing.

Any ideas anyone??


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There are lots of places online to help find carpet to fit your boat....Just search "Marine Snap In Carpet".

I can't recall the name at this time but at least one place if not all offer to send you a template type paper to make the pattern you want for them to make it up....I'm guessing on this one but you could probably even send in your old carpet to help match it if you talk to someone at the right company.

I'm pretty sure Larson ought to sell carpet but it would most likely be through a "dealer" to order using your hull ID number but it would not be sold directly to "you" from the boat manufacturer.

Here are 3 quick examples for you to start with and there's some others out there by doing a search as mentioned above.



Now the newer thing you could consider doing as some are starting to change over from carpet is called Marine foam teak flooring or the like. Some example links below and or search "marine foam teak flooring for boats for other hits like it". They also do the pattern thing like mentioned above.