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204 Escape

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For those of you with a master cylinder on your boat trailers, check your fluid level for the season. :thumb:

(Could be the difference between stopping, and ...................... ) :yikes:


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Good advice. :)

Check your bearings where necessary too!

Grease 'em, repack 'em or whatever, but don't just ignore 'em. :thumb:

get ready

chris, how serious do you think that wheel bearing grease seems to us real folks? do you know madoff? for people like myself, a poor redneck with some bad ass boats, my only retirement is going to be death, and my sorrow and sadness i live everyday knowing i wont be here to help my loved ones deal with it. my grand daughters are going to inherit the one and only thing that can help people experiencing a loss like that, or anything. id like to know how many people feel like us folks who have a privalege of that one and only feeling of our boat ride. i dread the day that im gone before i ever get motors on my 28 mirage, 24 super boat, 15 baby tunnel,new yamahas for my work boats, 16 hydro, 18 vking, 13 plank bottom, 3 other 21 checks, and a sailboat,:confused:and my lifevest. ive got nobody but my twin smilemakers, i mean grand daughters to leave my smilemaking junk, but throughout my struggle to survive, there is something about you folks up north who create things like this, that wrapping up in a crabpot seems fun. im glad that someone else goes to that one and only place where you can float all sorrows away. ;)im willing to bet a six pack that my junk will send you into a chining frenzy, and that stability will keep us afloat, and big money means nothing, when measuring a smile. im sure that you people get those knee shakin speech taking flights that poor redknecks like us dream of, but youll not get a belly full of crabmeat, clams, and fresh oysters like i do. without launching the boat. bring your families to this wonderful eastern shore and experience this wonderful land, and feel welcolmed and wanted, when you meet the smilemaker:welcome:
let me translate that garbage i just posted into the fact that i wish you folks could come down and visit our lifestyles, and that i wouldnt have to feel lost if i was to take a family vacation up north. just look for a fool pulling a 21 enchanter with a 75 on it, and the cover cost me 100$ on ebay, but the smiles have been priceless