It feels like it's time, ........

204 Escape

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to get the boat in the water. Yesterday, it was 78*, and today it was 69*. I started cleaning up the boat. I am past ready to go out. How about you ?? :thumb:


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Oh man, I'm jealous. :eek:

It was much warmer today up here in the Great White North, but we won't be boating any time soon.

If you go out, it would be great if you could take some pics, if for no other reason then to tease us northern folks until the spring thaw arrives. :)


204 Escape

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Unfortunately we won't be going out anytime soon. There is more bad weather on it's way. BUT, the last two days sure made us want to go out on the water !!!!!

I got laid off one week ago today.

On April 15th of 2010 we were told that the job would last " 2 " weeks. SO, ...... it was a good run. NOW, I have to find something else !!!!! ;) (Hope that I can find something quick, I got use to paying bills on time !!!!! ) :D