Identify this classic.


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I'm new to this forum but love classic boats, especially runabouts. I have found a 1960 something runabout and I believe it to be a fabuglas.
I've only seen this boat in pics myself, but plan on a trip to purchase it.
If someone could help me identify the brand or even the make if it's not a fabuglas, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'll post some pics.
Thanks for any help on this.
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It sure looks like a Fabuglas with that distinct front deck. Probably earlier sixties rather than later though. Too bad you cant see the dash.


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Well, it sure looks like a Fabuglas model. It is definitely the right shape.

Is there no paperwork associated with this boat? Have you looked in the gel for "ghost" shadows of the Fabuglas decals or nameplate? No builders tags anywhere?
All things being equal, I'd say this boat is a Fabuglas boat. now you need to prove it. :)

What length is this boat? Fabuglas was a fairly successful manufacturer in Tenn.
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