GPS upgrade problem...


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Maybe someone can give us advice on our best alternative...? :)

We just purchased a 1998 Grady White and we decided to upgrade the GPS system. The current GPS on the boat is a Furuno FCV-667 (?) and the new GPS that was purchased is a Garmin 545s.

The Garmin comes with a NYLON TRANSOM MOUNT WITH SPEED PADDLE WHEEL. Underneath the boat is a existing BRASS(?) TRIDUCER that reads speed, depth and temp. Since we were not sure if the Garmin mount would give us all 3 readings we wanted to see 1.) if they are compatible and 2.) if there is a adapter. The Garmin plug has 6 holes (3 with metal inside) where the Furuno plug has 8 so obviously we can't connect them.

It seems like the triducer is good and we would hate to not utilize something that may be more beneficial than what came standard in the Garmin box....

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :) :cheers:

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The only place that I can think of that works on and installs these kinds of electronic systems that might be able to help you out a little is ELECTRIC MARINE If he is still in business. I talked to them earlier this year.;)
P.O. Box 19005, Anaheim, CA 92817
Tel: 714 396-7857
Try giving them a call you never know, It's worth a shot.
You could also try calling garmin them self, Some of there teck support guy's are prety good. Garmins # is 913-397-8200.

Also if you do call you might want to have as much of the info as you can that is on a tag hooked to the cables by the transducers puck.

Also I found this link with a bunch of marine style shops, And some of them seem familiar enough that I believe they might work around enough electronics to be able to help you out better, Like BEACON MARINE may be able to help you out also.

You also should look to see if you could remove the old transducer and buy A new garmin transducer of the same size. Garmin does have a few different styles of transducers to choose from.;):)


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The answer to using an old transducer is... No. Probably a dual-frequency sounder & nowadays use a multiplexed dual frequency system, which means you'll need to replace your old transducer. It's always a good idea to replace an old transducer anyway since transducers get weaker as they get older, and you want the best performance possible from your new system. Probably not what you wanted to hear... but there are other possible issues involved
such as "matching' that would probably make life more complicated. So I would go with your whole new system.