Gallery Brand Categories


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Hi Gang,

I'm happy to announce that I've created a new gallery category which will be divided into the various brands of boats.

The idea with this section, is to start gathering up images and then uploading them into the various brand categories like Checkmate, Hydrostream, Baja etc. Hopefully, together, we can build up a LARGE library of boating images like no other around, with them all divided up by brand.

To do this, I need your help!

This this particular gallery section I've set-up, so that any registered member can upload images to it. As well, any member will also be able to post pictures from this section on to the message board in posts, simply by using the bulletin board code the gallery provides.

Currently, I've just created two brand categories and upload a few pics to get things started, with those brands being Checkmate and Hydrostream. For any other brands, simply post a request in this thread with the brand that needs a section, or you can also pm me as well and then I will get the section created and set up for you to upload your pics to.

I'm hoping the result of this will be that we can build a really neat feature and resource for the boating community. :)

So let's get going on it!

I look forward to seeing all your great boat pics! :thumb:

If you need any help or technical assistance with how to use the gallery, just post your question in this thread and I'll help you out.