Do you think we can go boating in the summer 2021?

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Hi there @amarine123 , Welcome to Endless boating.

What area do you generally reside at?

While at the beginning of covid-19 I recall the people making health suggestions mention that even boating wasn't a good idea to do mainly because boating often has other outside friends and/or non true family members that don't live in the same home as you do go out with you a high number of times which could make it unsafe not knowing if anyone in the group had contracted the covid virus somehow/someway as sometimes the symptoms may not fully show up enough to where one may not even know they have/had it.

That mentioned, boating really never died-out at least in my general area and on top of that, both new and used boat sales were reported to be at an "all time high" making boating the new place to go vs traveling to some other place/destination.

New boat manufacturers and dealers were said to be sold out all of a sudden and because of low work schedules allowed due to covid, they were unable to keep up with the supply and demand over the summer at least.