Commerical Advertising On This Forum!


Staff member
Please note:

We do not allow commercial advertising on the forums from Non Supporting Vendors. Any threads, postings, links or shameless plugs placed by non supporting vendors will be either edited, removed or deleted, without notice and at our sole discretion.

Supporting Vendors and supporting members are indentified by the supporting vendor icon on their postings.

Currently that list includes Randy "Wildman" Corson, Lakeside Restorations to mention a few.

If you are currrently a non supporting vendor and are interested in using our forums for commercial purposes, the proper procedure is to contact us FIRST, BEFORE placing ads, listings, linking or making plugs etc.

If anyone knows of any vendors operating on the board disguising themselves as a private individual, I would encourage you to contact me via PM and let me know about this. I will then investigate any matters brought forward.

IF, someone is found to be masking or cloaking their identity for the purposes of using the forums for commercial purposes without the supporting vendor status, most likely that vendor will not be allowed to participate in the supporting vendor program EVER, and may also be banned from the forums.

If you are just a member of the board and are approached by a non-supporting vendor/salesperson who is masking their identity as a private seller, or attempting to circumvent the forum rules, whether that is via PM, email or on the board, I would encourage you as a buyer, to "weigh" the character of an individual who would operate in such a manner.