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I just bought a 1985 Ranger 375V and the clearcoat/gel coat, (I do not know the difference) is flaking off the cap. I researched and found that wet sanding will take this loose stuff off and it is progressing nicely. The question I have is...can I clear coat this when I finish removing the old or do I just need to was it and seal it good and buff it out. I can tell the difference between the base and the stuff I am removing because one is slick and the other not so much. Any advice or direction on how to proceed would be much appreciated.
well from the sounds of it someone clear coated over the it needs to be sanded down and either recleared or gelled.its all in what ya have to spend.
Hey guy when doing Metal flake it is necesserary to first apply 12-14 mills wet, of catalyzed clear gell coat which serves to rich the depth of the Metal flake and then metal flake and gell coat are sprayed (color) in the mold after the fact, and maybe you just might want to re-spray those area's ( blow thru ) with clear gell instead of getting into the metal flake and color which is a real pain to try and match .:D
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